Spring '15 Educational Initiative

This upcoming spring, Project 509 will make three educational missions into the Pays Pourri and Marozeau Mountains to give community presentations focused on clean water, cholera, and basic sanitation / hygiene; we will also distribute hygienic supplies (bleach, hand soap, and toilet paper) at each presentation.  We will give presentations in 15 communities throughout Pays Pourri and Marozeau - communities hit hard by cholera in recent years, and who have seen little attention paid their way by aid organizations or their government.  Over the past four years, we have given several presentations in the surrounding area, and demand for us to return grows each time we visit.  We rely almost entirely on individual contributions, please make your tax-deductible donation HERE.  To carry out our efforts, we need to raise $3,600 by April 1 ... as of Feb 18, we have raised $8000, so we are off to a great start !! 

Our initiative this spring is unique because it will be entirely led by an all Haitian team!  This represents an important turning point in our efforts, as it finally puts control of our work in the hands of people who understand these communities best. 

Beyond this spring, we will be raising funds to build rain catchment systems and cisterns in summer of '15 as a way for communities to improve their access to potable water.   

Jesse BakerComment