Partners | Donations of $3000 and up

We could not be more proud of the relationship that we have been building with Freewaters Footwear over the past two years; they are an amazing company that supports a variety of clean water efforts.  They also make super dope footwear!  We are honored they have found our work to be worthy of their generosity.

Lisa Ingram

We first met Lisa in Fonds Parisien, Haiti while staying at the orphanage run by our team-member Yvrose Telfort. Lisa has been an amazing supporter of our work, and we are extremely grateful for all she has done.

Sponsor | Donations of $1500 - $2999

Funder | Donations of $500 - $1499

Acts of Charity

Christiane Sears, founder of Acts of Charity, is a one woman force of adventure and good will ... we're so pleased she has chosen our cause as one to support!

Burners Without Borders

It's no secret that the Burning Man community is largely comprised of people who genuinely want to help make the world a better place; as such, they have founded Burners Without Borders. We are proud to have been awarded a Community Development Grant for 2016!

Jennifer Wheeler

Simply put, Jennifer is an amazing (and generous) woman with a heart of gold :)

Schlegel Village at Winston Park

We had the good fortune of meeting Barb Sutcliffe of Schlegel Villages retirement communities while staying at Haiti Communitere in Port-au-Prince at the beginning of our winter 2016 campaign.  She had brought down a team of volunteers from Canada to work on a school and orphanage project in Haiti's central plateau; her commitment and passion were both infectious and inspiring.  We were humbled by the fact that they chose our organization to make an unsolicited on site contribution to.

Donor | Donations of $100 - $499

Rebecca Sandoval
Lisa Ingram
Jacinta Aman Lim
Renita Joseph
Sunny Zia
Sacha Satram-Hoang
Jason Dillon
Necia Betts

Don Hodder
Jvawnna Bell
Andrea Miller
Pam Baker
Christiane Sears
Chelsea Biklen
Jason Dillon
Wendy Logsdon

Contributor | Donations of $5 - $99

John Chorlton
Delaney Keatng
Meri Razavi
Jason Lilly
DeAnna Forman
Joshua Gellers
Jose Ramos
Bethany Nelms
Sarah Smith
Serena Cummins
Lauren Rudick
Ana Alexandra Tovar Soto
Yevgeniy Marusenko
Delphine Bedu
Justin Hyde
Greg Mintz

Caitlin Carey
Daniel Stokols
Brett Schumacher
Kerry Steffan
Todd Rymer
Brett Schumacher
Alicia Chu
Leora Dodrill
Jacquelynn Parks
Uyen Hoang
Lindsay Tucker
Angela Davis
John Billimek
Barbara and Chris Haas
Lucia Frechoso
Julie Seghetti
Leo Angelo Gumapas
Hannah Aoyagi
Candice Carr Kelman