Our team is a unique mix of Haitians and non-Haitians, all committed to ensuring that our project has a lasting impact.  We are passionate about the work we do, and strive to make a difference in ways that engage, empower, and endure.

Sonel ... Born and raised in Marozo; Sonel is a teacher in Pensik, a farmer, family man, and widely respected community leader.  Sonel speaks excellent English, and works with numerous community members to explore innovative ways to grow crops in the mountains.

Jackson ... Born and raised in Pays Pourri; Jackson is a teacher in Chappelle, a father of three, and works exceedingly hard to bring valuable resources into the villages around where he grew up.  Jackson also speaks English, and is a sometimes preacher in Chappelle.

Jesse ... Founder of Project 509 Haiti and co-founder of Ecofficiency.Org; Jesse holds a PhD in Environmental Policy from UC Irvine, and has been working regularly in Haiti since 2010, and living in Haiti full-time since January of 2016.

Chrissy ... Co-founder of Ecofficiency.Org and an independent small business consultant; Chrissy traveled to Haiti following the earthquake of 2010, and has been a passionate supporter of grassroots development projects ever since.

Eli ... Co-founder and director of marketing for Freewaters Footwear; Eli is a passionate advocate for bringing clean drinking water to people in extreme need.  Freewaters donates 1% of all sales to clean drinking water projects ... so far, Freewaters has supported projects in Kenya, Haiti, and the Philippines.  Eli traveled to Haiti as part of the Freewaters' "Water Warriors" campaign celebrating World Water Day, 2016.